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Water Pick Flossing Vs. Dental Floss – Which Is Better?

Excerpt: Have you considered a water pick before for your teeth but you are unsure if it is worth the extra cost or time? Water picks can be super useful for your gum & teeth health...

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Have you considered a water pick before for your teeth but you are unsure if it is worth the extra cost or time? Water picks can be super useful for your gum & teeth health, however, they probably wont replace traditional floss entirely.

tools for dental care

What are the benefits of flossing your teeth?

If we’re going to convince you of the benefits of water flossing, let’s start at the beginning and talk about the benefits of flossing in general. For flossing, you can use just straight floss or a floss pick. A floss pick will usually have a fairly hard plastic body, one end there will be some floss (generally stretched out across the pick), the other end there might be a pointy side you can use to actually pick your teeth.

If you have never seen a floss pick, check out this one. (We’re not promoting this brand specifically, just using it as an example). 

Here are some of the benefits of flossing:

  • Gets rid of plaque
  • Reduces risk of cavities
  • Helps prevent gum disease (gingivitis)
  • Reduces bad breath
Not only does it do all this, if you floss daily, (preferably after every meal), then you will be more aware of just how much food gets stuck in your teeth after eating. Even if you don’t feel anything in your teeth, you could have food stuck under your gum line you can’t see. If left unattended these leftover food bits can cause swelling, pain, bleeding, and more! Not only flossing can save you from the embarrassment of having someone spot something stuck between your teeth, but that’s also not fun for anyone.

Who would benefit from using a water pick?

Everyone can use a water pick, and they will probably benefit from it too. However, water picks are most beneficial for people who have:

  • Braces
  • Non-removable bridges
  • Crowns
  • Bad arthritis

If you have any of these then a water pick may help you get into those, “hard-to-reach areas”. 

What are the benefits of a water pick?

Water picks definitely have some benefits over traditional flossing:

  • Easy-to-use – You may find it easier to spray water instead of using floss, plus water may be softer for more sensitive gums
  • Clean and fresh – If you have a mix of 1/3rd mouthwash to 2/3rds water, then you also have the added benefit of the mouthwash.
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What Are The Disadvantages Of A Water Pick?

They aren’t perfect, here are some not so great things:

  • Not as effective – Using flosses or floss picks will give you more control and more force to get stubborn food particles out.
  • Can be messy – You’re spraying water into your mouth, it may splash around the bathroom and cause more cleanup.
  • Noise-level – They do produce noise since they have to pump the water from the reservoirs to your mouth.

How Do I Add A Water Pick To Your Routine?

If you want to give water picking a go, then this would be a really good strategy to do 2-3 times per day:
  • Brush your teeth for up to 2 minutes (preferably with an electric toothbrush).
  • Floss your teeth (using just regular floss, or a floss pick)
  • Use the water pick on each one of your teeth (filled with the 70/30 water & mouthwash solution.
This routine will cover basically everything you would need to keep your mouth clean on a daily basis. The great thing about this routine is the variety of tools, if you miss one tooth flossing, you’ll probably get it with brushing or the water pick!
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Water Pick Vs. Dental Floss – Who Wins

Both have their place in an outstanding oral routine. For the best results, we would recommend flossing your teeth with normal floss, than using the water pick with mouthwash and water. If you need to choose just one, pick the dental floss as it is more versatile, and generally more effective at getting out the tough stuff.
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