Dental Abscess

What Is A Dental Abscess?

A tooth abscess is a pocket of pus that is caused by a bacterial infection. An abscessed tooth can cause moderate to severe oral or facial pain. This pain can sometimes be felt by your ear or neck.

If an abscessed tooth is left untreated, it can turn into an incredibly serious health issue and it should not be ignored. 

What are the different types of dental abscesses?

  • Periapical abscess: This is an abscess at the tip of a tooth’s root.
  • Periodontal abscess. This is an abscess on the gum next to the root of a tooth. It might also spread to the surrounding tissue and bone.

What are the Signs and symptoms of a dental abscess?

The main symptom of an abscessed tooth is throbbing pain and/or swelling in your gums. Generally, the pain almost always worsens if left untreated.
Other signs and symptoms may include:
  • pain that radiates to your ear, jaw, or neck
  • pain that gets worse when you lie down
  • pain when chewing or biting
  • facial redness and swelling
  • swollen, red gums
  • tooth sensitivity
  • discolored or loose teeth
  • bad breath
  • foul taste in your mouth
  • tender or swollen lymph nodes in your neck or under your jaw
  • fever

If you are experiencing any of these problems you should call our emergency contact line at (587) 410-5766

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