Broken Teeth

Are fractured, broken, or chipped teeth common?

Fractured or chipped teeth are one of the most common dental problems that can occur. They can even occur in healthy individuals who practice great dental hygiene. However, since they’re very common, there are lots of proven methods to fix fractured teeth.

How are Fractured, Broken, Or Chipped Teeth repaired?

There are many ways these complications are restored. The solution chosen will depend on the type and severity of the fracture, here are a few possible treatments:

  • Dental Bonding – This is a composite, tooth-colored material that dentists use to repair teeth. To repair a chipped tooth, the dentist will make the necessary preparations on the tooth, then the bonded composite resin will be applied. Afterward, the finishing process will smooth and polish the new material.
  • Dental Veneer – If the chip or crack appears on a front tooth, a porcelain veneer may be recommended to repair the tooth. The veneer will also assist in covering any stains or imperfections on the tooth, making it a good cosmetic solution as well.
  • Dental Crown – If the tooth cannot be fixed with bonding or a veneer, another restorative option is a crown. A crown or dental ‘cap’, will cover the entire tooth and strengthen the tooth’s structural integrity. It will also make it look like a brand new tooth! 
  • Root Canal – If the crack continues into the tooth, and gets close to or touches the vital pulp tissue, this will lead to significant pain. A crack may also allow bacteria to infect the dental pulp of the tooth, which will lead to a dental abscess, if left untreated. If the tooth is deemed restorable by the dentist, and you wish to save the tooth, a Root Canal will likely be recommended. A Root Canal may sound scary, but under local anesthesia, the procedure itself is much like getting a filling.

Should Fractured, Broken, Or Chipped Teeth be repaired right away?

Fractured, broken, or chipped teeth should not be left alone and forgotten about. This type of issue will only lead to more problems, such as:
  • Further dental damage to the tooth
  • Bacterial infection
  • Damage to gums, cheeks, or tongue.
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