Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

Excerpt: Even though an emergency dental situation is often the result of poor dental care, your lifestyle, sports, or accidents can also cause dental issues. If you currently have a dental issue...

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Emergency Facts

  • A severe toothache, generally, doesn’t get better on its own, if it stops hurting, the tooth may be dead.
  • It can be very difficult to determine if it’s actually an emergency, you should be cautious in assuming it’s not.
  • If you are in pain, Smiles Dental Group, will try to get you booked immediately.

Even though an emergency dental situation is often the result of poor dental care, your lifestyle, sports, or accidents can also cause dental issues. If you currently have a dental issue, and you’re not sure you need an emergency dentist, or a regular one, keep reading, that’s why we wrote this article.

If you have an emergency...
You should call immediately, especially if you're in severe pain, or broke a tooth. Our clinic is open emergency dental services clinic is open 24/7, 365 days a year. If you're in pain we'll get you booked as soon as possible.

Are you in lots of oral pain?

Pain is a huge indication that your experiencing a dental emergency, the pain could mean a lot of different things depending on the amount of pain, and how consistent the pain is. 

  • Sharp and sudden pain – This type of pain is generally associated with nerves.
  • Constant dull ache pain – This is common for a toothache.
  • Throbbing pain – May be signaling an infection is getting worse.
If the pain lasts consistently, even for a few days, you should definitely consider setting a dentist appointment. If it’s debilitating, however, you should make an appointment immediately. Never put off seeing a dentist about the toothache, even if you are nervous about what the issue could be, it may get considerably worse if you don’t go sooner than later.

Do You Have 1 Or More Loose Teeth?

Humans only get 2 sets of teeth, 1 baby set, and 1 adult set. Once your adult teeth grow in, you will need to make sure you keep good care of them. If any of your teeth show even small signs of movement you need to make a dental appointment immediately as a loose tooth is a serious indication of a problem. Loosening teeth can also signal that you have an infection, the build-up of bacteria can cause teeth to move. If your teeth are moving as a result of bacteria buildup you may be dangerously close to periodontitis instead of just gingivitis.

Loose teeth should be taken care of immediately since a loose tooth can become knocked out much easier. Once the tooth is knocked out completely it will become a even more serious issue that will need to be fixed.

You Boke, Chipped, Or Fractured A Tooth

Anytime you fracture a tooth, you should immediately consider setting an appointment. Even if the crack was not painful, it could either compromise the integrity of the tooth, or open up an area for bacteria to attack. Once the bacteria gets in the tooth, you will most likely need either a dental extraction, or Root Canal Therapy depending on your budget or coverage.
person in oral pain

Your gums are bleeding or are in pain

Gums can bleed for a variety of reasons, if you’re using a tooth pick and accidentally poke your gums and they bleed, it’s probably just a sign to be more careful. However, if your gums are bleeding from brushing, or other daily activities it’s almost definitely a sign of gingivitis. Another indication will be the amount of blood, gums should never bleed at all, so if you agitate your gums, and a concerning amount of blood appears, it’s time to call the dentist. Bleeding is a key indicator that you may have an infection. You will also probably notice puffiness, swelling, redness, or receding gums. If any of these issue become a concern, should make an appointment before it worsens.

You Have A Swollen Jaw

Swelling is typically a sign that you have an infection, the inflammation that is causing the swelling is a sign that the body is trying to fight the infection off. In this case, it may be a salivary gland infection. You may also be experiencing, a bad taste, fever, trouble swallowing, or fatigue.

You’ve got a dental abscess

A dental abscess is an incredibly painful, serious infection. It is caused by a bacterial infection inside the tooth that resulted in a buildup of pus. Depending on the type of abscess you have there will be varying degrees of symptoms ranging from:
  • Pain
  • Unexplained fever
  • Swelling
  • Warmth and redness by the infected tooth
  • Visible buildup of pus
  • Chills
  • Increase temperature
If you think you may have an abscessed tooth you MUST get this checked out immediately, an abscess could, in some extreme cases, result in death.
woman in oral pain

Your Tooth was aching and now feels numb

If you had a toothache and it stopped hurting, you may think it’s a sign of relief. However, this could be a bad sign as the infection possibly damaged or destroyed the nerve. Not only will this result in a dead tooth, the infection, if left untreated, may advance even further and cause periodontitis or even an abscess.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not always, a chipped tooth may never hurt if the chip is minor, it can however, still cause cuts inside your mouth, compromise the tooth, or leave it vulnerable to infection.

No! If it is possible to save the tooth, the dentist will recommend that as opposed to a extraction. They will also recommend a crown to cover the hole and strengthen the tooth.

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