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7 Reasons To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled

Excerpt: Wisdom teeth are a relic from our past, scientists believe they were needed when we ate tougher foods that needed to be chewed more. However, as humans evolve so do our habits and techniques...

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Wisdom Tooth Trivia!

  • Wisdom teeth are also called 3rd molars
  • About 85% of all wisdom teeth will be removed
  • Roughly 35% of people are born without wisdom teeth

Our food has changed from uncooked meat, tough vegetables, and other rough foods to modern day delicacies, in other words, a raw steak is easier to eat than trying to tear through uncooked meat.

The issue is that the shape of our mouths and jaw have on average shrunk considerably although our wisdom teeth still try to grow in sometimes. Since humans have such variety, some jaws will fit in wisdom teeth just fine, others will grow wisdom teeth but have them impacted, and you may not even grow them in at all!

On average wisdom teeth will grow in between the ages of 17-25, if you’re in this age group, these symptoms may mean your wisdom teeth need to go, even if you can’t see them yet.

Why do I need my wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth are not necessary for modern-day life, if they grow unimpacted or impeded then there should be no reason to get them removed. However, for a significant amount of patient, they will have to be removed otherwise they can cause great pain and discomfort.
Person with wisdom tooth pain

Complications of wisdom teeth

If a wisdom tooth grows in impacted (misaligned) it can cause some serious issues:
  • Damage to other teeth – They may push against and damage your second molars.
  • Cysts – The wisdom tooth can develop a sac, which may become pus-filled.
  • Decay – Wisdom teeth are difficult to clean and may decay faster than other teeth.
  • Gum disease – Same as decay, your gums may be damaged as well.
3d impacted wisdom tooth

Causes of the complications of wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth can easily cause an abundance of complications here are few reasons why:
  • Grows in at angle towards the second molar
  • Angled toward back of mouth
  • Grows in at a right angle
  • Grows in normally but doesn’t erupt
Wisdom teeth xray

oral Pain

Wisdom teeth often grow in with either not enough space, or they may not erupt from the gum line at all. This will clearly be a huge issue for the patient as the teeth will then be pushing against other teeth in the mouth. Since this will most likely only get worse, it’s generally the first and most obvious indicator that something is wrong.
Impacted wisdom tooth graphic

Sinus problems

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a whole host of issues for the person experiencing it. Due to their location, impacted wisdom teeth can cause sinus issues like: pain, pressure, and congestion. If you’re in the right age group, and you haven’t been diagnosed with any sickness of any kind but are still having sinus issues, your wisdom teeth may be at fault.
person having tooth extracted


If you have consistent unexplained headaches, you may need your wisdom teeth removed. The teeth will exert considerable amounts of pressure if they become impacted and that pressure is directed at a neighboring tooth, or worse.

Swollen Inflamed Gums

Gums are very sensitive to irritation, if you’re paying attention to how your gums are feeling they can tell you a lot. If your gums are swollen for seemingly no reason, you should always see the dentist regardless. However, if you meet the criteria for wisdom tooth being the issue, then you must not procrastinate. Generally speaking, if wisdom teeth are impacted, they only get worse, if it’s painful now, you might not experience much relief until they are extracted.

person in pain holding jaw

Bad Breath (halitosis)

Wisdom teeth sit very far back in the mouth and they are always the hardest teeth to clean well. If you have ongoing bad breath, the issue might be your wisdom teeth. It can be hard to detect, however, you can take note of how your breath smells before and after brushing, and also when you go to bed verse when you wake up. It might be situational, but if you have concerns that it’s your wisdom teeth, make an appointment today.
woman smelling breath

Facial Swelling

Similar to swelling of the gums, if the impaction is significant you may even experience facial swelling. This is a surefire sign to get them pulled immediately, even if the swelling is not bad not it will get worse. It may even come to a point where it will be difficult to open your mouth at all. This is dangerous especially when trying to eat or drink.

Bleeding Gums

If your gums are bleeding it’s never good. If they bleed consistently, you need to see a dentist. There are lots of reasons gums may bleed, none of them are ever good, and a few reasons can get considerably worse.
woman touching lip with cold sores

The hard truth

Oral pain can be some of the worst pain you can experience, especially since you have to eat, drink, talk, and sleep. Wisdom teeth can impede these functionalities and make it impossible for you to resume a normal life. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, your approximately 17-25 years old, and you have no other reasons for the symptoms, please make an emergency dentist appointment now.

It will probably never go away, if you’re just starting to experience it, chances are it will stay the same, get worse.

If you must use temporary solutions, you can attempt to try these options:

  • Cold compress –  Will numb the area and may decrease swelling
  • Advil & other meds – May relieve some pain, if it’s severe this will not work
  • Head elevated – This will remove pressure from your head be keeping blood away.

It depends on how bad they are. If it’s a simple extraction, it might be less than $200. However, it may require the dentist to do actual surgery on the gums if they are impacted or haven’t erupted.

If the dentist doesn’t see a reason to remove them and they don’t cause you discomfort or irritation, then no!

There may be no significant pain, but they still might need to be removed. There’s a possibility that they aren’t causing any pain now, but will cause immense pain in the future.

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